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When it comes to personal style my philosophy is simple: If someone I know has something or is wearing something, I DON’T WANT IT! Not because I want to deliberately stand out but because I want to avoid looking like a mold of the mainstream. If you value originality and individuality as much as I do, and are constantly on the hunt for unique products, I highly recommend checking out one of my favorite brands gTIE.

gTIE is a Finnish accessory brand that mainly focuses on distinctive neckwear for men and women. Using lace, leather, and silk as its main materials, gTIE offers unconventional alternatives to the mundane bow and tie. The brand’s product range includes, but is not limited to, ties, bowties, plastrons, chokers, moustaches, scarves, and tie-scarves. For women, gTIE also offers an array of statement pieces that include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and shoulder jewelry. From a dive bar to a red carpet event or even a diplomatic assembly, gTIE’s unique blend of sophisticated design combined with a rock ‘n’ roll sensibility, effortlessly produces distinctive pieces suitable for any social setting.

With a focus on shapes, wearing methods and materials, the brand caters to those who dare to be themselves. The pieces, which are made of the utmost quality, are a reflection of gTIE’s authenticity and individualistic values. Most of their reindeer and lamb leather pieces which are naturally distressed go untreated. Each piece has its own unique characteristics; much like the brand’s customers, no two are ever the same!

The brand’s ethics is based on honesty, responsibility and openness. With respect towards the environment, gTIE embodies the “no waste” Sami philosophy which is strongly part of the Finnish culture. Over at gTIE headquarters, the company ensures that not even the slightest scrap of material goes unused. This practice also allows gTIE to constantly produce new designs. Not only is this form of operation ecological and sustainable, it’s simply good business management.

The mastermind behind gTIE is stylist and designer Jenni Ahtiainen. An old school rock chick to the core, Jenni combined her love of music and design to create the brand which seems to be an extension of her own effortless and authentic style. Jenni, who started the company back in 2007, oversees every aspect of the brand; from the design, marketing and operation right down to the decor of the shop; which is absolutely beautiful I might add. She also dresses countless celebrities (most of whom are befittingly musicians) both in Finland and abroad. She currently spends her time traveling between Helsinki, Berlin, L.A. and soon New York working on special projects and collaborating with people in the music industry.

I recently met up with Jenni to discuss the brand and to privately view some pieces of the upcoming collection. Spoiler alert: Among many great pieces to come, my favorite is the Pocket scarf, whose features include leather patchwork, multi utility pockets and wool lining – but I digress…

Upon entering the shop, I was greeted by several members of Jenni’s staff, all of whom are friendly with a positive disposition. Then, from the winding concrete and glass staircase came Jenni; who unswervingly approached me with a firm handshake and a penetrating stare. She has a presence that commands attention. Calm, cool, and collected, she gestured to a sitting area where the interview would be held. She offered me a local blend of birch tea as we made small talk; easing our way into the interview process. Once in full mode, Jenni spoke candidly about the company and her backstory. Her unapologetic and brutally honest comments were a breath of fresh air. The interview was effortless. Conversation flowed. The whole meeting felt more like a casual get-together with a good friend. This was greatly in part due to Jenni’s warm and inviting nature. She is a charming and charismatic character with an interesting point of view and outlook on life. Jenni is truly a rad individual that exudes confidence and who deserves every bit of her success.

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Unioninkatu 27, Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 0427876

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gTIE designer Jenni Ahtiainen

What were you doing before g-tie and what made you start your own business?
I never planned to start my own business, it just kind of happened. I was working as a graphic designer making book covers and stuff like that. I pretty much taught myself animation and HTML coding. It was cool for a while but I gradually started to hate the computer so I turned to an old childhood pastime “sewing”. At first, it was just a way for me to relax and do something else, something more organic that was hands on. I started making simple dresses for myself and things for my son who was an infant at the time, until one day my house was covered with pins, needles, fabrics, and haberdasheries. This annoyed my, then husband, so I decided to get a small studio where I began to deconstruct his old neckties and things just started happening from there.

What motivates you?
People, imperfections, music

Generally speaking, where do you draw inspiration from?

How has owning your own business changed you (if at all)?
Owning my own business has made me strong and independent.

As an entrepreneur, what has been your greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?
One January I was walking to my office and on the way realized that I didn’t want to go to work. I came to the frightening realization that I was not interested in my own company anymore. As I walked through the cold streets of Helsinki’s downtown area, I asked myself why, why the hell was I not interested in gTIE anymore? The more I walked the more I became consumed by my thoughts, thoughts that were racing through my head a mile-uh-minute until something just snapped within me and I came to the realization that my feelings were a result of a recent reform in the company. I had been very fortunate to have found investors that were interested in backing gTIE in order to expand the brand. For the first time, I had the possibility to hire people to work with me. I used to do everything by myself from designing to manufacturing and marketing. Within a blink of an eye I had helping hands. At first, it was difficult to let go of some tasks. Suddenly I found myself searching for my place within my own company. It was a really weird spot to be in. Anyway before I reached my office, I realized: FUCK! No matter the investors, the new staff, or anything else that came with the new reform, gTIE is MY label! The investors were investing in me, not the label. If it wasn’t for me, gTIE would cease to exist. So I pulled myself together and entered the office with the revelation that I AM gTIE, with or without investors and staff! I never doubted my role after that.

Professionally speaking, what is the best advice you could give to someone starting their own brand?
Be yourself! Be honest! Be true! It sounds corny but there’s no one like you! It would be idiotic to conform to the ideals of others.

Out of the many people, who stands out as having been a pleasure for you to style/dress/work with?
Well everyone that I’ve worked with has been great but I really enjoyed working with Aija Puurtinen from Honey B. & the T-Bones.

Who would you like to style/dress/work with?
Marilyn Manson!

Who has designed the interior of your shop?
I have designed the interior myself. I love strolling through flea markets around Finland and abroad so some of the fixtures from the shop are gems that I’ve found and collected over the years in these places. My mother also owns an antique shop here in Helsinki called Les Belles . Most of the pieces come from there.

Do you have any projects in the works at the moment that you can talk about?
I actually met Snoop Dog at Blockfest earlier this year. We hung out backstage. He liked this hat that I made so now I’m designing one for him. I’m also designing costumes for a Hollywood production at the moment but I really can’t say more at this time.

What are your plans for g-tie in the future?
I have no idea. Launching the brand internationally is the only certainty. Beyond that, I have no idea.

If you didn’t have g-tie what would you be doing now?
Who the fuck knows?! What would you be doing if you weren’t here interviewing me? Honestly I don’t know. I’m very social so I’d probably be working with people.

What are you listening to at the moment?
The xx’s, Gracias, Madrugada and Pearl Jam

What are you reading at the moment?
I’m actually reading the script for that film that I’m designing costumes for. It’s great!

What is your favorite movie/director?
Right now I’m really into Rick Gervais as a screen writer and actor. But I love the movie Cigarettes and coffee by Jim Jarmusch and anything by Michael Haneke.

What is your favorite fashion moment?
I don’t think of myself as a fashion designer at all. I’m just a woman who wants to do her own shit. But one moment that I consider to be “a great fashion moment” was when I made myself a flower dress (mind you: flowers and pastels are not my thing), and went to pick up my son from daycare. He looked right through me at the yard. I must have blended in with the other parents because he didn’t recognize me at all. When I called him, he looked at me and his eyes widened in amazement. He couldn’t stop staring at me. He said “Mom, you have a really nice dress”. He’s 6.

What is your favorite music moment?
When I was asked to design for a production group that was working for the American Music Awards back in November of 2013. That was pretty cool.

What is your favorite cultural moment?
To be a part of a group who designs new products for old Finnish factories just to give the employees/working class possibility to keep their jobs. Finnish companies are manufacturing more and more abroad, and with our concept we are trying to get the Finnish people to support their local businesses. Project/concept is called “Save the factory”, and it’s going to be public in this fall.

What is a place that you haven’t been to yet that you would like to visit?
New York

What is your favorite hang-out spot in Helsinki?
The GYM!

What is your favorite drink/cocktail?
Beer, I overdose if I drink it. That’s why I don’t drink it.

What is your favorite food?
Anything unhealthy, that’s why I try to eat very healthy.

What are your sartorial staple pieces at the moment?
Leather on leather/ leather accessories

What’s in your bag right now?
In my bag I have my calendar, my laptop, my make-up, my smokes, and some nicotine gum. I can’t seem to fucking quite!

What can’t you live without?
Honesty and honor, but in everyday life I need my son, he makes me feel like my life has a meaning.

What is something that not many people know about you?
No comment! Next question…

Whose style do you admire?
When it comes to style, I don’t admire anyone. I see parts in people. I’m a big people watcher. Sometimes I sit in a café or wherever and just observe people as they pass by. I notice them, I study them. It’s fascinating.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?
German Shepherd



Nobumichi Asai Omote real-time face tracking and projection instalation of electronic makeupCGI expert Nobumichi Asai along with a team of creative developers and directors has developed ‘OMOTE’, a real-time face tracking and projection installation. Using state-of-the-art technology combined with a visual mapping concept, OMOTE transforms a model’s face into virtually anything. Initially, a 3D scanner graphs a facial replica with accuracy points, detecting all minute contours, surfaces, and textures within those points. A selection of animated graphics are then created and projected on the face while the artist manipulates the projection in real-time. OMOTE will be presented to audiences in Japan later this month in a conference where attendees can experience the concept first hand.

OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING. from something wonderful on Vimeo.


Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video directed by David LaChapelle

Daphne Guinness transitions into music with a dramatic and hypnotic new music video directed by eminent image-maker David LaChapelle. Evening in Space was produced by American record producer, musician and singer Tony Visconti and is the first single from Guinness’ upcoming debut album, which is set for release in September 2014. The video features Guinness donning custom looks by many of her favorite houses, such as Iris van Herpen and Noritaka Tatehana. The new chanteuse also pulled vintage pieces from her vault for the video.

In general, I liked the song and the visual execution. However, her iconic references were evident. Her look was total Garbo, lyrics were abundantly Bowie-esque, vocals channeled Nico, and the overall visuals were an amplified version of the 1998 film Velvet Goldmine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Daphne, I think she’s great! I understand that in this day and age it is very difficult to create something which is not a direct reference to something else but I was just hoping/expecting something more incomparable from her. Regardless, I look forward to the album and more videos to come. I think the fashion world will embrace her with open arms.


Harvard Business student Grace Choi has developed an at-home 3D makeup printer capable of printing out eye shadow, blush, lipstick, foundation and even concealer. Choi, whose research was based around color, believes that the makeup industry charges a huge premium for something that technology can provide for free. The beauty printer, MINK, uses the same FDA-approved ink that is found in all major cosmetic brands. It also has the ability to replicate their exact hues using color codes. MINK is set to retail for about $300 and has the ability to hook up to any computer, just like any typical desktop printer.

Check out the video below to see how MINK works and how it will revolutionize the makeup industry.


Though the fashion industry has always played with gender roles and sexuality, androgynous models didn’t come into mainstream until the 1990s, and even then, they were clearly male or female with feminine or masculine features in get-up of the opposite sex. Models like Jenny Shimizu, Eve Salvail, and Omahyra Mota (to name a few); all paved the way for models like Andrej Pejic, Casey Legler, and Elliott Sailors.

Today’s generation of gender bending models it seems have elevated the art of androgyny to the next level. While previous models were only able to keep the illusion in photograph, the androgynous models today are able to pull of the illusion both on camera and on the runway. Androgynous models have become so trendy it seems that almost every modeling agency has one for hire.

The latest addition to the roster is Swedish model Erika Linder. In her short career, Erika has already mastered the artistry of male and female modeling. In her latest campaign for the Swedish label Crocker by JC Jeans Company, Erika seamlessly models both menswear and womenswear for the brand. Her costar for the shoot – Herself! Erika’s male and female likeness were superimpose in single photographs for the campaign. In Crocker’s “Whatever” campaign video, the transformation happens right before your eyes.

The company published the following statement on their website –

“By starring Erika as the model for both male and female styles, we want this collection to inspire creativity and confidence as we set out to break new boundaries within the fashion industry,”

The campaign is brilliantly executed and it’s hard to say which style Erika looks better in as she looks equally hot in both!

Side bar – Erika seems to totally be channeling Edward Furlong in Terminator 2 right down to the squinty expression when modeling the menswear collection.

Erika Linder for Crocker spring summer 2014


While growing up in the 90s, one of my favorite films was CLUELESS. I saw it at the movie theater with my friends multiple times and after a gruesome 9 month home video release wait (which was usual at the time) – I owned the VHS (which I wore out). And YES I’m that old!

90s style references are, at this point, so ubiquitously reductive they’re mundane, which pretty much exacerbates my belief that hipsters ruin everything! However once in a while you do get the occasional people who get it right. Iggy Azalea’s new music video for her single “Fancy” which was directed by DIRECTOR X is a brilliant reproduction of Amy Heckerling’s Clueless.

I was very impressed by Iggy’s video as it flawlessly recreated the 1995 film. Not only was the iconic wardrobe meticulously forged, like Cher’s yellow plaid suit, Dionne’s Dr. Seuss hat, and the sporty black and white P.E. ensembles (to name a few), but the video also recreated all of the film’s major scenes like Cher getting dressed for school, the debate with Amber, lunch time, P.E., Murray and Dionne’s emotional freeway driving lesson, and the infamous Val party. My only quibble is that a Paul Rudd equivalent was nowhere in sight. Regardless – Iggy’s version definitely gets my endorsement!

Check out the video below!


PS. When Clueless was released, I also remember that on the same year The Golden Girls made a quick diluted parody of the film for the annual MTV movie awards. The result – Hilarious! Check it out below


Intimacy 2.0 dress by Studio Roosegaarde

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has designed a bizarrely revealing dress that becomes translucent when its wearers get aroused. Dubbed “Intimacy 2.0”, this high-tech frock is made up of smart opaque e-foils that become transparent when it detects an increased heart rate. Roosegaarde describes it as “a sensual play of disclosure”.

The designer first stumbled upon the innovative material while visiting a few electronics manufacturers. The opaque e-foil which is a by-product, was regarded as trash by the companies. Instinctively seeing the unusual material’s potential, Roosegaarde purchased the scraps.

Subsequently, the designer has produced and sold his first line of tantalizing frocks under his company STUDIO ROOSEGAARDE. “Intimacy 2.0” comes in two styles, Intimacy White and Intimacy Black. Although its reception has been met with mixed reviews due to the garment’s practicality, no one has argued its innovation. Roosegaarde is currently developing a newer version of the line with high-end fashion brands titled “Intimacy 3.0”.

The designer also offers customized versions of the dress according to his client’s wishes. For example, he produced a version of the dress with audio recognition – programmed to identify the voice of his client’s lover and respond to verbal commands.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who is one of Roosegaarde’s clients, suggested he make a dress for men. This idea is currently in the works. STUDIO ROOSEGAARDE is working on a suit that can sense dishonesty and turns transparent accordingly. If deceitful, the wearer will quite literally be caught with his pants down!

However, sex and lies are not the only things that make our pulse race. Many factors contribute to an accelerated heartbeat, such as exercise, stress or drugs and it is these factors that diminish the obscure sexual connotation of the garment’s marketing. Regardless of the facts, “Intimacy 2.0” is undoubtedly one sexy piece of high-tech clothing!

Intimacy 2.0 dress by Studio Roosegaarde Intimacy 2.0 dress by Studio RoosegaardeIntimacy 2.0 dress by Studio RoosegaardeIntimacy 2.0 dress by Studio Roosegaarde Intimacy 2.0 dress by Studio RoosegaardeIntimacy 2.0 dress by Studio Roosegaarde